The Big Impact of Small Business…on Society

The Big Impact of Small Business

~Small business, the Glue that Binds Capitalism with Ethics~

Wolfe’s Market is a perfect example of the impact of small business on society.

Small business integrates the moral and economic values that make capitalism work in a socially acceptable way in modern society. Small business owners form the backbone of their local communities: they work in their businesses; they live near their businesses; they participate in community activities; they support local charities; they share community concerns about the environment, crime, etc. Most of them maintain a high level of business ethics in the course of providing jobs to their employees, and goods and services to their customers.

Forming a small business provides many individuals with their only opportunity to rise above the poverty level. No government programs have matched the success of small businesses in accomplishing this objective.

Small businesses are also the most efficient and effective training ground for young people and unskilled workers. Government job training programs cannot replace this diversified on-the-job experience.

CAIB California Association of Independnet Business – Featured Small Business – Wolfe’s Market

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