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Why is it important to be a CAIB Member?

California’s small businesses are more than 3.5 million strong and our power lies in our massive numbers. 

Since 1967 CAIB‘s job has been to unite California’s small businesses (regardless of political preference or affiliation) to do something about legislation before it becomes law!

There are approximately 5,000 bills introduced in Sacramento in every Legislative Session. About 1/3 of these become law and we need to give our input before they become law and we end up paying for them. We found a fast and easy way to get our opinion to the people who make the decisions in Sacramento. We do this through our CAIB Writ of Opinion Ballots. These are copies of bills that are introduced in Sacramento and summarized for you. You vote these ballots and send your voted  ballots back to us for tabulation and analysis. (It only takes a minute of your time to vote your ballot and send it back to us by mail or fax.) Your voted ballots give us direct small business input on important legislation that effects your business and California’s economy as a whole. We tally, analyse, and report the accurate and up-to-date input we get directly from you, and send our findings to our the legislators and the governor so they can become aware of  the real impact of legislation on our businesses and the economy. 


CAIB is are supported by thousands of small businesses across the state.  Unlike any other small business advocates who charge a set fee usually per year, we believe in letting the business owner support us based on what their individual business can afford. Please vote your CAIB Writ of Opinion Ballots as soon as you get them, and support our efforts with an amount that is comfortable for your business.

By joining together and giving our input to our legislators regarding the impact a bill will have on our businesses, we can do something in Sacramento, BEFORE A BILL BECOMES LAW! 

Please join us in our efforts to California a good place to do business. 

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